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 Smart2DCutting Specifications
Smart2DCutting is a professional cutting software package designed for panel cutting optimization. Using advanced algorithms, it generates the most optimized cutting patterns, providing for maximum material yield. Our nesting software can help you maximize productivity by reducing panel waste and costs and by saving the time needed to create and analyze patterns.

Smart2DCutting may be used for wood cutting, board cutting, panel cutting, glass cutting, sheet cutting and other similar industries.

Our cutting program works fast even with large number of parts. We tested Smart2DCutting on a large job consisting of 2140 parts! The testing machine was equiped with an AMD Duron 1100 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM memory.
The cutting layout was computed by Smart2DCutting in less than 10 seconds and the average panel usage was ~95%.

You are welcome to download and install the free demo version of Smart2DCutting from our downloads page.

Click here to view a sample cutting layout created by Smart2DCutting in less than 5 seconds, for a job consisting of 234 parts.


The current version of the application is Smart2DCutting 3.5

Key Features

  • Maximize productivity by reducing panel waste and costs and by saving the time needed to create and analyze patterns.
  • Measurements in Metric (mm, cm, dm, m) and US Customary / British Imperial (in, ft, din) units
  • Easy input of panels and parts data manually through the keyboard, by loading native Smart2DCutting files or by importing from CSV files or from the clipboard.
  • Jobs management system
  • Highly optimized cutting layouts (avg. 95%-97% coverage) computed very fast. Even for 2000 parts the cutting layout is generated in less than 10 seconds on today's modest computers.
  • Calculate the optimal panel size for a given parts list
  • Multiuser (network) support
  • Edge banding for parts
  • Preview/Print all cutting layouts and reports
  • The cutting layout can be saved for later reuse
  • The cutting layout can be exported to a DXF, TXT or XML file for further processing using a cnc software
  • Label parts and offcuts on the cutting layout.
  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness per material type
  • Grain direction control for individual parts
  • Margin width control for panels and parts
  • Adjustable optimization level
  • Adjustable optimization direction
  • Handle different material types for panels and parts
  • Detailed report, showing a list of used panels, resulted parts and offcuts, with their dimensions and layout statistics
  • Cost calculation report (material and operational cost)
  • Print labels that include parts, panels and usable offcuts information.
  • Print barcodes on parts labels
  • Stock management system
  • Multilanguage support :
english german french dutch spanish italian greek swedish finnish portuguese turkish

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