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 Smart1DCutting Development History

New in this release (v.1.4 - 2012-05-30)
  • new feature: added option to export remaining parts (Remaining column) in cutting report to CSV or parts file
  • new feature: added OrderNo. field for Jobs
  • new feature: added option to print the job name on labels
  • new feature: the "Labels" section user interface was improved to allow for easier labels configuration and for decimal values input
  • new feature: the labels in "Label View 1->Cutting layout order" are from "Filtered layouts" only
  • bug fixed: the booking function for offcuts failed to transfer the material and description of the offcuts to the stock
  • bug fixed: the import function failed to import dimensions correctly when imported values where enclosed between quotes

version. 1.3 - 2011-05-16
  • new feature: added option to set the location of language files
  • new feature: added option to export labels to CSV file
  • new feature: added "Start label" option to allow the printing of labels on a partial sheet (i.e.: labels can be printed starting with label no. 11). This is useful when you used 10 labels on a previous job and would like to use the remaining labels on the current labels sheet.
  • new feature: added option to set the price per source to allow different prices for sources of the same material but having different lengths.
  • new feature: added cutting price per panel option
  • bug fixed: for sources with trims defined the trims were not accounted correctly in the cost calculation grid. We fixed this issue by displaying the full panel size in the cost calculation grid and by adding the trims surface to the "Waste" column as "scrap"

version. 1.2 - 2010-07-24
  • new feature: added filter function to the cutting layout section
  • new feature: added new optimization level: "Level 3", for better optimized cutting plans
  • new feature: added option to set material price per source
  • new feature: added "Compact mode" option to display/print a compact version of the cutting plan
  • new feature: added "Creation date" information for jobs and "Last update" information for cutting layouts
  • new feature: added option to choose the location where the cutting layout is stored: on network database or on the local computer (under "Database" tab of the "Settings" window)
  • new feature: added "Auto-Save" functionality for jobs (under "Database" tab of the "Settings" window)
  • new feature: added functionality to remember the printer used for labels and for the other areas of the software. For ex.: if a roll printer is used for labels and a standard A4/Letter size printer for the cutting layout, Smart1DCutting will automatically select the correct printer for the task.
  • new feature: added "Column widths" button to the print preview window that allow the user to configure the column widths for the printed reports
  • bug fixed: the optimization engine grouped layouts with parts of same sizes but different part number, description or partcode. This resulted in a smaller number of cutting layout pages but some of the parts were not visible on the cutting layout (although they were optimized)
  • bug fixed: when pasting fractional data from an .xls file it happened that the fractional data was incorrectly displayed as a date value
  • bug fixed: the optimization engine (Level 2) was improved to correct some existing performance issues
  • bug fixed: various other minor bugs fixed

version 1.1 - 2009-05-27
  • new feature: the cutting layout can be saved as XML file
  • new feature: added filter function for the jobs grid
  • new feature: other various minor new features and improvements
  • bug fixed: when in single job mode, the panels and parts grid were not reloaded if the language was changed!
  • bug fixed: "Works Cost" and "Cutting Cost" grids were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the Cost Calculation preview window
  • bug fixed: the page orientation function from the label styles grid did not changed the printer page orientation
  • bug fixed: various minor bugs were fixed
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