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 Smart2DCutting Development History

New in this release (v.3.5 - 2012-05-10)
  • new feature: the "Works" section was improved to allow for many works to be assigned to a single part
  • new feature: added multiple currencies
  • new feature: added import/export functions for Materials
  • new feature: added option to set the material price at panel level
  • new feature: the material price calculator was improved to handle prices per linear units (m, ft and in)
  • new feature: added Weight Report grid to the Cutting Report section
  • new feature: added Pre-Cutting setting to configure pre-cuts sizes
  • new feature: added band thickness value which is deducted from parts width and/or height
  • new feature: added option to export remaining parts (Remaining column) in cutting report to CSV or parts file
  • new feature: added option to export labels to CSV file
  • new feature: added option to display the cuts coordinates on the cutting layout
  • new feature: added option to change the font for the cutting layout text
  • new feature: added OrderNo. field for Jobs
  • new feature: added option to choose from 5 naming alternatives for edges
  • new feature: added "Start label" option to allow the printing of labels on a partial sheet (i.e.: labels can be printed starting with label no. 11). This is useful when you used 10 labels on a previous job and would like to use the remaining labels on the current labels sheet.
  • new feature: added option to print the job name on labels
  • new feature: the "Labels" section user interface was improved to allow for easier labels configuration and for decimal values input
  • new feature: the labels in "Label View 1->Cutting layout order" are from "Filtered layouts" only
  • bug fixed: the import function failed to import dimensions correctly when imported values where enclosed between quotes

version 3.4 - 2010-12-04
  • new feature: added new function to calculate the optimal panel size for a given parts list
  • new feature: added option to set which part info appears on the cutting layout with priority
  • new feature: added option to set the location of language files
  • new feature: added option to mark parts on screen by clicking on them (useful for users who are using the computer screen in the workshop and are not willing to print the cutting layout on paper)
  • new feature: optimization engine was improved to handle better multiple panel sizes list
  • new feature: added filter function to the "Cutting Layout" section
  • new feature: added zoom function to the "Cutting Layout" section
  • new feature: added "Column widths" button to the print preview window that allow the user to configure the column widths for the printed reports
  • new feature: added option to set the cutting price per panel
  • bug fixed: for panel widths smaller than 100 mm a diagonal line was printed on the cutting layout
  • bug fixed: if parts were entered with their "Width" larger then their "Length" the optimization results were not as good as if the parts were entered with their "Length" larger then their "width". The rotation of parts was fixed.
  • bug fixed: if trims were defined for a panel their cost was not accounted in the "Cost calculation" section. This was fixed by adding the trims surface to the "Waste" column in the "Material cost" grid

version 3.3 - 2010-03-27
  • new feature: added DXF Export function to allow exporting of cutting layouts to .dxf files
  • new feature: added "Group" function to group parts together and set the quantity for the group of parts instead of setting the quantity of each part
  • new feature: added "Smart-Trim" function. The "Smart-Trim" function is very useful if you do not wish to have a trim on all panels and you can not cut too close to the panel edge because the edges would become damaged
  • bug fixed: if a job contained parts with one of their sides larger than the source panel similar side the optimization engine failed to correctly rotate that part and the final results were not as good as they could be
  • bug fixed: fixed "Grid index out of range" issue. This error only appeared if all jobs from the Jobs list were deleted

version 3.2 - 2009-10-15
  • new feature: added new "Parts" count field in the status bar to display the parts count in each layout
  • new feature: added option to choose the location where the cutting layout is stored: on network database or on the local computer (under "Database" tab of the "Settings" window)
  • new feature: added "Creation date" information for jobs and "Last update" information for cutting layouts
  • new feature: added "Auto-Save" functionality for jobs (under "Database" tab of the "Settings" window)
  • new feature: added functionality to remember the printer used for labels and for the other areas of the software. For ex.: if a roll printer is used for labels and a standard A4/Letter size printer for the cutting layout, Smart2DCutting will automatically select the correct printer for the task.
  • bug fixed: there were situations when job data was overwtitten by another jobs data. This happened if the Jobs grid contained many jobs and users working simultaneously on the database were deleting jobs older than the job selected in the jobs grid
  • bug fixed: the "Layouts count" column in "Select best" optimization window displayed sometimes incorrect values
  • bug fixed: the optimization engine grouped layouts with parts of same sizes but different part number, description or partcode. This resulted in a smaller number of cutting layout pages but some of the parts were not visible on the cutting layout (although they were optimized)
  • bug fixed: when pasting fractional data from an .xls file it happened that the fractional data was incorrectly displayed as a date value
  • bug fixed: if an edge-band was defined for the Length of a part and that part was rotated during optimization, the edge-banding information printed on layouts was confusing and the edge-banding symbol was incorrectly printed on labels along the Width of the part (bands marks for Length and Width were swapped on the label).

version 3.1.1 - 2009-06-03
  • new feature: added option to set material price per panel
  • bug fixed: when in single job mode, the panels and parts grids were not reloaded if the language was changed
  • bug fixed: there was a problem with the "paste" function when trying to copy/paste edge banding information
  • bug fixed: "Works Cost" and "Cutting Cost" grids were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the Cost Calculation preview window

version 3.1 - 2009-05-05
  • new feature: added cutting layout align feature
  • new feature: added new "Notes" column to panels, parts and stock grids
  • new feature: the "Edge banding", "Turn", "Works", "Notes" and "Part code" columns can be disabled from the "View -> Columns" menu
  • new feature: the user interface translations can be now edited and customized using the integrated language editor. The "Language Editor" utility can be accessed from the "Settings" window, under the "Languages" tab
  • new feature: other various minor new features and improvements
  • new feature: added feature to instruct the program to always consider cuts along the outside of the panel when computing the total cutting length (the checkbox can be found in the "Edit -> Materials" window)
  • new feature: the cutting layout can be saved as XML file
  • bug fixed: under the "Cost calculation" tab, the material usage was sometimes reported as being higher than 100%
  • bug fixed: the cutting length calculation failed to include cuts along the outside of the panel when panel trims were not 0
  • bug fixed: various minor bugs were fixed in this new version

version 3.0.2 - 2008-09-23
  • new feature: added global saw width setting. The saw width can be defined as a global value for all materials or for each material type
  • new feature: added new "Decimal Feet" unit to “Display units” and “Default data entry units”
  • bug fixed: Smart2DCutting failed to start (freezed at 20% while loading) if it could not access the database location (i.e. folder doesn't exists or network path not available). If the database path is not accessible, Smart2DCutting will display a warning message and will switch to the default database location:
version 3.0.1 - 2008-08-15
  • new feature: added edge banding support for parts
  • new feature: added cost calculation tab
  • new feature: added multiuser support (network support)
  • new feature: improved user interface
  • new feature: improved optimization engine - added new optimization level which handles better large parts
  • new feature: added per panel configurable trims
  • new feature: added per part configurable margins
  • new feature: added database backup/restore feature
  • new feature: improved import/export functions for panels and parts
  • new feature: added 'Works' field for parts to define operational costs for each part
  • new feature: other various minor new features and improvements
  • bug fixed: various minor bugs were fixed in this new version
version 2.5.1 - 2008-04-30
  • bug fixed: when all jobs were deleted, the creation of the folder for the first job failed
  • bug fixed: the surface value was not rounded correctly when the units used were inches. (i.e. instead of 40.0 sq ft, 39.993439 sq ft was displayed)
    This issue did not affected the optimization or the cutting layout in any ways.
  • bug fixed: "Rectangle width is too small to draw text" error fixed for screen display.
  • bug fixed: the saw width can be set to 0 mm again as prior to version 2.5
  • bug fixed: the symbol " was not automatically added when entering fractional inches values and "Default Data Entry Units" was set to "Inches".
  • new feature: added the partcode field to the cutting layout too, not only to labels as before.
version 2.5 - 2008-02-12
  • bug fixed: "Divide by Zero" error message was displayed when previewing labels for a new job with no panels/parts defined.
  • bug fixed: material mismatch between panels and parts generated "Access violations"
  • bug fixed: the "Name band pos" value was reset to 0 when changing label styles in the "Labels" section.
  • bug fixed: if the parts list contained a part bigger than the specified panel, the cutting report displayed a wrong qty of used panels.
    This only happened if a single panel size was entered and only in the "Cutting report" section.
  • bug fixed: problem when last job was deleted without previously saving its panels & parts data. The panels/parts data of the previous job were overwritten with panels/parts data of the deleted job.
    This only happened if the deleted job was last in the jobs grid.
  • bug fixed: when using non-metric units the surface of the parts was computed wrong if the part qty was higher than 1.
    This only happened if the units were set to in, ft or din.
  • new feature: ability to insert records anywhere in the grid instead of only at the end of the grid as before
  • new feature: allow decimal values for mm. Dimensions in mm can have now up to 2 decimals.
  • new feature: label interface improved
  • new feature: added part code column in parts grid. On labels this field is printed as barcode
  • new feature: added option to print labels in "Cutting layout order". The labels are printed in the order they appear in the cutting layout. The old "logical" order was kept and it is called now "Cutting report order"
  • new feature: added option to automatically execute "Booking of panels/parts" after optimization
  • new feature: added option to hide "Material", "Part-code" and "Turn" columns on the print preview page
  • new feature: added "last updated" info to stock grid
  • new feature: added option to print the job description on cutting layouts
  • new feature: added option to hide surface & offcuts info on cutting layouts
  • new feature: ability to edit the description field of panels, parts and offcuts on the cutting layout tab. The changes are visible on the printed cutting layout and on the labels. The text entered on the cutting layout tab is reset when a new job is loaded or when the optimization is executed. To keep the changes, the cutting layout needs to be saved.
    This new feature makes it easier the communication between the person who is generating the cutting layout and the workers who are cutting the pieces.
version 2.4.2 - 2007-09-28
  • bug fixed: problem with entering decimal values (i.e. 17.5") or fractional inches
    (i.e. 10 7/5"). The comma(,), dot(.) and space(' ') characters were denied by the program.
version 2.4 - 2007-09-24
  • bug fixed: when first job was selected, column order changing did not worked well
  • bug fixed: background color appeared behind the Smart2DCutting© message in printed (preview) output
  • bug fixed: tables were not resizing well for larger fonts
  • bug fixed: in labels section, when printing labels the right and bottom margins were fixed to a value too high, preventing the use of the whole label sheet (for some label formats)
  • bug fixed: when the number of labels to print was too high (i.e. > 10000) the generation of print preview took a long time and blocked the program.
    Now, the program displays an alert informing the user about the high number of labels and asking for confirmation before proceeding with the print preview.
  • new feature: option to set the color of the cutting lines on layouts
  • new feature: option to set different fonts for screen and printer
  • new feature: unlimited qty for panels
  • new feature: automatically check for updates
version 2.3.4 - 2007-08-03
  • bug fixed: "Access violation at address xxxxxxxx in module oleaut32.dll read of address xxxxxxxx' error message fixed
  • new feature: Turkish language added to the user interface
version 2.3.3 - 2007-07-09
  • new feature: the nr. of layouts printed per page can be customized (up to 7 layouts per page)
  • new feature: ability to hide layouts and print only the cutting layout details (on print preview page for cutting layouts)
  • new feature: new label view option ("Label view 2"): the labels contained in the label report can be printed in label shape too
  • new feature: Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian languages added to the user interface
version 2.3.2 - 2007-06-16
  • bug fixed: the list of offcuts in the window for stock management contained an error: the quantity of each offcut was replaced by the id of the offcut
version 2.3.1 - 2007-06-02
  • new feature: the parts limit for the trial version was increased to 1000. The program can be evaluated now for a period of 30 days with a parts limit of 1000.
version 2.3 - 2007-05-19
  • new feature: customizable columns order for grids
  • new feature: the cutting layout can be saved to a plain text file for further processing using a cnc software
version 2.2 - 2007-05-08
  • bug fixed: "DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory... etc." error message fixed
  • new feature: improved optimization engine
  • new feature: added direction settings for optimization
    - along width (parts to be cut only along the width of the panel)
    - along length (parts to be cut only along the length of the panel)
    - automatic (automatically choose the best direction)
  • new feature: added optimization level
    - quick (still fast, but better than previous versions)
    - full (slower, but more performant)
  • new feature: significant interface improvements
    - the user interface looks better and is much easier to use
    - added copy/paste support for all grids
    - sort columns support for all grids
    - font changing option
  • new feature: powerful print preview
  • new feature: customizable display settings (allows changing the background style and color for panels, parts and offcuts on both screen and printer)
version 2.1 - 2007-01-13
  • bug fixed: printing problem for HP Inkjet printers
  • new feature: improved optimization engine
  • new feature: automatic conversion to the lowest common denominator when using fractional inches (this feature can be disabled from the settings dialog window)
version 2.0 - 2006-06-22
  • new feature: significant interface improvements
  • new feature: better and faster optimization engine
  • new feature: support for US Customary / British Imperial measurement units:
    - inches, decimal ("59.0551")
    - inches, fractional "59 4/64'')
    - feet and inches ("4' 11 4/64'')
  • new feature: job management system (group panels, parts and cutting layouts together)
version 1.4 - 2005-03-02
  • new feature: label report (useful for those not wishing to use labels)
  • new feature: import / export CSV files containing parts and panels data
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